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Social King faq

6. Can I cancel my order?​

If let us know within 30 MINUTS of ordering you can cancel your order. Otherwise unfortunately you are unable to cancel as it will be in the system ready to be processed.

5. What can I do when my campaign is active?

Well, you can tweet as much as you want, but we would suggest you not to unfollow or follow people because it might trigger Twitter’s guard dogs, and your account might be banned.

4. Will Facebook/Twitter/YouTube detect that I'm buying services                 from you?​

No. The methods we use are untraceable to ourselves and they will never know you have bought Likes/Followers or Views.

3. Why does it take a long time to receive my followers?

Sometimes it can take a  long time because we need to act ordinary as possible to prevent getting your account banned. Getting 5000 followers within a few days is not very common and Twitter will think the same. Just to keep your account safe, we have to work realistically. Furthermore, we are unable to guarantee any delivery time accurately for this reason.

2. Why do you need my username/URL?

 We need your username/url because we need to know where to send the likes/followers/views you have ordered. We do not require any passwords.


1. How do I know that I can trust you?

You really don’t have to worry. We have had over 500 clients within the past 12 months who are repeat customers due to the trust we have acquired from them. We also use a secure payment gateway using SSL technology to prevent fraud and fraudulent payments.
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