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Will the likes be from real users?

Yes, you will get likes from real users .We have a platform, we will share your page there then you will start getting likes on your page.

Is this safe for Social Networks?

Yes,it is 100% safe. We'll be manually promoting your page.

Is it possible to buy service from targeted countries?

Yes, we are offering worldwide likes and followers like – India, USA, UK, ARABIA etc. You may receive users from various countries. We will promote your page. Apart from this, we have a service of the promotional package for Facebook.

Can I order more than one package or campaigns together?

Yes! You may also run multiple campaigns simultaneously. But you cannot order the same service for the same page together. Ex. If you want to order likes for your page then you can place a single order for likes once it will complete then you can place the order for likes again for the same page. If you place 3 different order of likes for the same page,Then we will start it one by one. Once 1st order will complete then we will start 2nd order and then 3rd. The whole process will take longer time, all the orders will not complete in same time.

Can I split the order between multiple pages?

Unfortunately, we cannot split a single order between multiple pages but yes you can split when you will buy service above 5000 plan then we can split your order into multiple pages.
Ex –If you are buying 10000 likes for your page, then we can split your order into other pages.

What is delivery time?

There is no fixed time, it would take less or sometimes longer time, it depend on the page and on service but we will try to do it in short span of time.

How can you place your order?

It’s very simple to place your order.
You can place your order by 2 Methods
Step 1 - Visit on – socialking.in
Step 2 - Choose your service which you want to purchase.
Ex – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc.
Step 3 -Select sub option of selected service.
Ex – Fan pages like, Video views, shares, Profile Followers etc.
Step 4 - Select your targeted country.
Step -5 - Select your plan/package according to your need. Click on the buy now.

Step 1 - Visit on – socialking.in
Step 2 – Select the option of order on a home page of a website.
Step 3 – Fill your details, provide your URL which you want to promote.
Step 4 – Select the payment option, you can choose PayPal or 2 Checkout and click on agree and pay.

How do I know I can trust on you?

Yes, we are the oldest company in this industry; you can find all contact details on our site. We also have our addressmentioned too, so you can visit our office, it will help to build your trust on us.

Does socialking need the password of your social account?

No! We don’t need your Facebook account password, but when you would like to buy Facebook promotional services then we will provide you our mail id, you will make us advertiser of your page. We will only advertise your page by promotional activities. Still, we don’t need a password and we have a limited access.

Where can I see a status of my order?

When you placed the order after that you will receive a mail with order confirmation. It will take 0 – 48 hours to receive a confirmation mail.
There are 2 types of confirmation mail -
A. Sometimes we start the order directly without sending you a confirmation mail,
We just send a mail in which we mention delivery time of your service.
B. Sometimes we will send a confirmation mail on your mail ID and after getting your confirmation then we will start your order.
C. If you found that your likes are not growing in the specified time of your order then please drop us a mail.

What can I do when my campaign is ready?

Don’t do anything when your campaign is in a process. At that time don’t buy any service from another seller .If you will buy another service during that same time we will cancel your order and will not refund your payment.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel your order before confirmation of the order and process start but after your order is in a process you can’t cancel your order.

Can I run my campaign with third party campaign?

Yes, but we don't recommend it. At that same time if you are using the same service from another seller and if another seller of yours is increasing your likes, shares, views & followers simultaneously, it will count towards the promotion which we've done for your page.

Why our order did not start yet?

Usually, we start all orders within the few hours. It depends on the type of your order as we do have an order queue, and all pages are manually promoted. We will do our best to complete your order within the estimated delivery time which we mentioned in our confirmation mail. Sometimes it takes time because of holiday, weekend & issue of a social network. If you feel it's been longer than a few days then please visit on our site and contact us. Till that time KEEP PATIENCE.

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