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Google+ began as an ambitious project that would compete against Facebook. In combination with Google’s other popular service, YouTube, Google+ has been Google’s golden ticket to capturing a large market share of the social media market. With 343 million users who are active, Google+ has surpassed Twitter as a social platform and continues to see growth well into 2013. 25% of internet users across the world now access Google+. Because Google’s Gmail program is also popular with users, it’s just a natural connection between the email that users already have and the social platform they need.

For companies that are new to the world of social marketing, it’s important to look at all of the different venues as outlets for new fans, new customers, new clients, or just new visitors for a website. While most businesses initially chose to remain focused on Facebook and Twitter once Google+ launched, it’s no longer an option. If you want to get higher numbers and capture all of the viewers that are out there, you have to take Google+ into consideration. With a growth rate of 27% in the last year, Google+ is a social powerhouse and the strongest competitor to Facebook yet. With that in mind, does not it make sense to buy Google Plus Ones for your website or business? Social King thinks so, and we want to show you why.

WHY SHOULD BUY google plus circle followers / vote ?

1. 343 million users who are active at least once a month, many of whom also use Gmail.

2. Sites which are active on Google+ are also indexed by Google, which increases your search engine optimization.

3. Google +1 votes increases website recommendations

4. Google+ users are more active than Twitter users by roughly 10% per user.

5. Fast recommendations of your products, services.

6. Google has higher retention rates with its Circles than other social media platforms, which means higher potential for consumer engagement in focused groups and demographics.

The secret to Google+’s success becomes clear the instant you consider just how many services Google offers and people rely on. Between local services, the best free email hosting online, document storage, and voice and map services, hundreds of millions of people are using one Google services or another at any given moment. Getting more Google Plus marks means getting more traffic from the hundreds of million who specifically log onto Google+ every day, and who help you get more Google plus marks as a resul


When you buy Google plus shares, you aren’t just giving your brand more visibility in the short run. Circles, as previously mentioned, have a stronger retention rates than groups and communities that you might find on sites like Facebook. Because Google is linked to Gmail accounts, users are more likely to see notifications on their user interface while reading business email or just checking their Google Talk messages. That means you have more opportunities than ever to both gain new brand recognition and maintain that recognition.Retention is the secret weapon in social marketing, and choosing to buy Plus Ones puts you in a prime position to retain more consumer interest than ever before.

Google Plus views, shares, and comments are also much easier to organize and view for users, thanks to the user interface Google has implemented into their social platform. That makes it easier than ever for users to share content that they’re interested in, which could include your company website, your next music project, or your political campaign website. You can link Google+ with other networking campaigns, like YouTube channels and Twitter accounts, and create an avalanche of new users and increased interest. At Social King, we make it our job to work with clients that want to add Google Plus one marks to their websites at a price that can fit within any marketing budget. When you purchase Google Plus Ones through Social King, we make sure that every single mark you recieve comes from a genuine account. We also optimize which accounts Plus each client, so that you get the right demographics for your site or project. While competitors may be able to offer higher traffic and higher numbers, Social King goes a step further by offering you all of the above, and targeted results that you won’t find anywhere else for the same price.


Have questions about what Social King can do for you? Just speak with our representatives and we’ll answer any questions that you have about our services. Social King offers many different packages that can help you to add Google Plus Ones faster and cheaper than anyone else. We help you to get Google Plus One shares with unique accounts, and we do it without compromising your security or your online reputation. Each client’s information is protected and encrypted by our servers, because we want you to be confident that working with Social King is the best decision you could make with your online marketing.

Google Pluses mean brand recognition, customer retention, and more numbers than you ever thought possible. When it comes to social marketing campaigns and promotion, Social King is ahead of the pack, and we want our potential clients to know why.

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